A few quick tips for a great speech

If you want a phenomenal best man speech

you will definitely want these things in your

best man speech.

• You will want to speak in a fluent way that

Will make your speech easy to remember and

Simple to follow. This has to do with the actual

words you use and the rhythm with which you

use them. It’s called the rule of three’s and

you definitely want to understand the secret

rule of 3’s and how it will add magical rhythm to

your wedding speech.

• If you want to suspend the room in mesmerized

emotion and bring tears to peoples’ eyes then you

want to understand how to use pausing technique to

build emotion and poignancy…You must pause

when you want people to reflect.

• If you want to capture the attention of the

audience then you will want to know how to

tell a compelling story right in the beginning of

your wedding speech.

• If you want to make people laugh without the risk

Of offending anyone then you will want to hear our

roasts that tease and entertain without offending

• If you want to create a common bond in the

audience then you will want to hear how to

tailor the speech to incorporate the groom’s

most common character traits into the speech.

• If you want certainty in getting laughs then you

will want to hear how to use comebacks, timing,

and joke structures that guarantee laughs

• If you want to end with a bang then you will want

to know the Godfather of Toasts that will end your

speech with a Grand Slam. You will also need to

know how to stage the toast so that everybody is on

the same wavelength.

• If you want to hear options and speeches you can

emulate then you will certainly want 5 Free professional

complete speeches you can use

• If you want to eliminate fear and nervousness then

you will want our complete guideline to reduce

nervousness and skyrocket confidence

The groom and bride are entrusting you to be a

keynote speaker on one of the most imporstant celebrations

of their lives. They’ve spent thousands, planned meticulously,

and have invited only those people dearest to their hearts.

You are receiving this because you asked for resources to help

you to do the job right. Don’t stop short of the goal line though.

Click our link to visit our website and gather up more ree tips… then

call me direct and let me share my own experiences with you. I offer

a risk free coaching opportunity to put your speech together and

to deliver the speech like a champ.



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