About Us: How We Learned to Give the Ultimate Best Man Toasts

Lonny Hogan is a speaker and information marketer who works with some of the most sought-after speakers and consultants on the planet. He is a speaker on topics such as marketing, sales, and memory systems. His eBook tool, dedicated to aiding the best man at a wedding, was inspired from his third experience in delivering a best man speech. Lonny remembers, “I was abhorred at the quality of the content I was seeing on the Internet. I was searching for tools that would trigger my creative mind to deliver a powerful best man speech for my brother’s wedding.” Most of the available material on the Internet is focused on memorizing someone else’s generic speech, rather than on generating quality, personalized content that speaks to the groom and the bride on their wedding day. Says Lonny, “As I read the books written on the topic, I knew that I could contribute something of much higher quality to the market place.” Thus, the Ultimate Best Man Speech was born.