A few quick tips for a great speech

If you want a phenomenal best man speech

you will definitely want these things in your

best man speech.

• You will want to speak in a fluent way that

Will make your speech easy to remember and

Simple to follow. This has to do with the actual

words you use and the rhythm with which you

use them. It’s called the rule of three’s and

you definitely want to understand the secret

rule of 3’s and how it will add magical rhythm to

your wedding speech.

• If you want to suspend the room in mesmerized

emotion and bring tears to peoples’ eyes then you

want to understand how to use pausing technique to

build emotion and poignancy…You must pause

when you want people to reflect.

• If you want to capture the attention of the

audience then you will want to know how to

tell a compelling story right in the beginning of

your wedding speech.

• If you want to make people laugh without the risk

Of offending anyone then you will want to hear our

roasts that tease and entertain without offending

• If you want to create a common bond in the

audience then you will want to hear how to

tailor the speech to incorporate the groom’s

most common character traits into the speech.

• If you want certainty in getting laughs then you

will want to hear how to use comebacks, timing,

and joke structures that guarantee laughs

• If you want to end with a bang then you will want

to know the Godfather of Toasts that will end your

speech with a Grand Slam. You will also need to

know how to stage the toast so that everybody is on

the same wavelength.

• If you want to hear options and speeches you can

emulate then you will certainly want 5 Free professional

complete speeches you can use

• If you want to eliminate fear and nervousness then

you will want our complete guideline to reduce

nervousness and skyrocket confidence

The groom and bride are entrusting you to be a

keynote speaker on one of the most imporstant celebrations

of their lives. They’ve spent thousands, planned meticulously,

and have invited only those people dearest to their hearts.

You are receiving this because you asked for resources to help

you to do the job right. Don’t stop short of the goal line though.

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Do this and your best man speech will be phenomenal.

A while back I attended the wedding of a close friend of mine. I wasn’t the best man nor was I even in the wedding party. I did, however, get to hear some pretty incredible speaking. Now, I’m not saying the speeches were perfect. I saw plenty of the same fundamental errors that I tout about in my book The Ultimate Best Man Speech available on http://www.mybestmanspeech.com/ebook.html

Here is what I observed that I feel is most noteworthy and will help you in your own upcoming best man speech.

None of the speakers used notes. The maiden of honor brought notes up but never looked at them once. All of the speakers looked to the audience. They looked to the bride and groom. They looked to each other, and it made all the difference in the world. All their speeches were fantastic, and will forever be remembered this way

Why is this important?   Well. I’m glad you asked

In the beginning of my book one of the first things that I do is I try to encourage you to resist the temptation to memorize a speech template but instead to come up with your own message. I encourage this for a very specific reason. The most critical element by which you will be judged is the sincerity and the genuine nature of your message. You can only accomplish this with authenticity. Authenticity is damaged when you read your speech. You can mess up a lot of stuff and still have people raving about how great your best man speech was if you can clearly communicate a message that has come from the bottom of your heart. When you speak without notes you’ve accomplished half the battle of demonstrating authenticity.

I show you how to do this in my book The Ultimate Best Man Speech, but I also offer a coaching package in which I teach you how to cultivate your message and then I teach you a memorization technique which will allow you to easily memorize the speech and deliver the speech without needing notes. Using this technique will skyrocket your results if your goal is to deliver a phenomenal best man speech. Anyone interested in our personal coaching package in which we help you develop, practice, and memorize your speech should contact us.  Just click the complimentary 15 minute consultation tab.  I’ll be happy to have a candid conversation with you to see if we are a good fit.

In constructing your best man speech remember this. You don’t have to be perfect, in fact, its very likely that perfect is not a practical goal. If you can be authentic and deliver the speech with minimal use of  notes you will increase the power of your message exponentially.



5 Must Avoid Mistakes for any Best Man Speech

1: Prepare your stage and setting:

What do I mean by logistics? I mean coordination with the DJ or band or whomever has control of the entertainment. I mean carefully chosen place to stand to deliver the speech and I mean timing so that the best man speech is not being delivered just after the announcement that the open bar will close for dinner in 5 minutes so everyone must run now to get a drink. These things are simple to control but are also imperative to pay attention to. Let’s begin with where to stand.

Speaking from behind the table you are sitting at is the weak way of delivering a best man speech because many in the audience won’t be able to see you. This in and of itself is reason enough to move. You should make yourself as visible as possible. The appropriate place to stand is either in the middle of the dance floor or directly in front of the DJ. Stand where you can most easily see everyone in the room. If you can see them, they can see you.

If there is a microphone present, use it. I’ve seen best man speeches made with microphones and those made without them. The power of that amplifier is incredible. Your voice will sound richer; you will command the room with much more ease, and the physical strain on you to create appropriate drama will be much less. If a microphone is not available relax. All is not lost. Many great speeches have been delivered without microphones. A few simple steps will allow you to maximize your performance. Project your voice, smile, and pan your audience with your eyes. Just look around as you speak. Don’t slouch. Your voice is impacted. Instead stand like a champ! Head high, chest sticking out, shoulders back. Your posture should be that of a gold medalist on a platform receiving his or her medal. Believe me, doing this will change your stage presence immensely. Your voice will carry further and sound more resolute and profound. Your gestures, jokes, and facial expressions will trigger the humor effects that you are looking for more easily. People will be more impressed with your speech and, do you know what is really interesting? Many of them won’t know why. They will simply be impressed.

2. Using appropriate and well timed Humor:

If your gut is telling you that a piece of humor you are considering to use may be inappropriate then you need to keep one thing in mind. The humor has to surprise the audience and take them to the edge of their comfort zones in order to be funny. After all, that’s what humor is. But remember, I said take them to the edge, I said nothing of crossing over. Distasteful humor that will offend members of the audience is something that must be absolutely avoided. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to be very funny without risking offending people. To get details about these, consider downloading my complete ebook The Ultimate Best Man Speech.

Specific Humor Strategies

v Keep it short. Less words are better.

v Keep it in three’s. Any professional comedian will tell you that there is magic in the number three. , three’s are a rhythm pattern that naturally set up humor. It works for humor and for poignancy.

v Surprise the audience. Don’t lead them into it. Beep, Beep, Beep isn’t funny but Beep, Beep, Splat is.

v Practice your humor until it rolls off your tongue very naturally.

Practicing your humor is critical. I cannot stress this enough. Test your humor material out before getting in front of your audience. You will want to do this to make yourself more comfortable in delivering the material and also to get feedback from people to make the material better.

3. Acknowledge the Groom and the Bride

Including appropriate and compelling acknowledgements for the bride and groom is a key to a fantastic speech. Best man speeches are known for the roasts that the groom often receives. Keep in mind, though, that the roast has more impact when the best man also acknowledges the groom and the bride for his and her good qualities as well. When the choice of compliments is well thought out and delivered in a rhythmic harmony, the best man speech is often revered as being truly powerful. Check out the best man speech workbook for a process on actually creating this. In short order, the best man should consider three compelling character traits about the groom that he would like to acknowledge. It might be something like being a hard worker, being ambitious, being authentic, or being intelligent. When the character traits acknowledged to the groom have a harmony with the acknowledgements given to the bride, then the best man has essentially communicated the logic of their being a match.

The best man should always acknowledge the bride for a recognizable character traits too. For example, you could acknowledge the brides big heart and dedication to others, while acknowledging the grooms ambitious zeal in developing his career. The correlation, here is that together they make a couple that can be expected to make a profound difference for others. The acknowledgements should always paint a picture of why their dedication to each other is a match. Also, remember, that the best man is to roast the groom only and never the bride. The best man should treat the bride as if she is an absolute princess.

How to memorize your speech

Anyone can easily memorize their speech by following a few basic principles and strategies. 

 When you are standing in front of the audience delivering your best man speech the authenticity in your communicaiton will carry a great deal of whether or not you are successful in maintaining the audiences attention.  For this reason, the ability to speak your speech while keeping eye contact with your audience is critical.  Using note cards or an 8 by 11 sheet of paper will greatly diminish the spontanious charisma that you otherwise could have had.  The solution to this is the following memorization technique for your speech.