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Bases: sage.combinat.combination.Combinations_setk

Return the combinatorial class of combinations of the multiset mset . If k is specified, then it returns the combinatorial class of combinations of mset of size k .

A combination of a multiset M M is an unordered selection of k k objects of M M , where every object can appear at most as many times as it appears in M M .

The combinatorial classes correctly handle the cases where mset has duplicate elements.


It is possible to take combinations of Sage objects:

Bases: sage.combinat.combinat.CombinatorialClass

Returns the size of combinations(mset,k). IMPLEMENTATION: Wraps GAP’s NrCombinations.

Bases: sage.combinat.combination.Combinations_mset

Bases: sage.combinat.combination.Combinations_msetk

Returns the combination of rank r in the subsets of range(n) of size k when listed in lexicographic order.

The algorithm used is based on combinadics and James McCaffrey’s MSDN article. See: Wikipedia article Combinadic

Return the rank of comb in the subsets of range(n) of size k where k is the length of comb .

The algorithm used is based on combinadics and James McCaffrey’s MSDN article. See: Wikipedia article Combinadic .

Fast computation of combinatorial functions (Cython + mpz). recently used Google Trends data to create a of the most popular show streaming on Netflix in every country in 2018. The best-loved show in the world is the dystopian thriller 3% , claiming the number one spot in eight nations. The show is the first Netflix original made in Portuguese, so it's no surprise that Portugal and Brazil are among the eight countries that helped put it at the top of the list.

Coming in second place is South Korea's My Love from the Star , which seven countries deemed their favorite show. The romantic drama revolves around an alien who lands on Earth and falls in love with a mortal. The English-language show with the most clout is 13 Reasons Why , coming in at number three around the world—which might be proof that getting addicted to soapy teen dramas is a universal experience.

Pot comedy Disjointed is Canada's favorite show, which probably isn't all that surprising given the nation's recent ruling to legalize marijuana. Perhaps coming as even less of a shock is the phenomenon of Stranger Things taking the top spot in the U.S. Favorites like Black Mirror , Sherlock , and The Walking Dead also secured the love of at least one country.

Out of the hundreds of shows on the streaming platform, only 47 are a favorite in at least one country in 2018. So no hard feelings, Gypsy .

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entertainment Netflix Pop Culture
Roadside Bear Statue in Wales is So Lifelike That Safety Officials Want It Removed
BY Michele Debczak
June 22, 2018
Martin Loader, Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 2.0

There are no real bears in the British Isles for residents to worry about, but a statue of one in the small Welsh town of Llanwrtyd Wells has become a cause of concern. As The Telegraph reports, the statue is so convincing that it's scaring drivers, causing at least one motorist to crash her car. Now road safety officials are demanding it be removed.

The 10-foot wooden statue has been a fixture on the roadside for at least 15 years. It made headlines in May of 2018 when a woman driving her car saw the landmark and took it to be the real thing. She was so startled that she veered off the road and into a street sign.

After the incident, she complained about the bear to highways officials who agreed that it poses a safety threat and should be removed. But the small town isn't giving in to the Welsh government's demands so quickly.

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How to decide what your charity’s purposes are and write them in the ‘objects’ clause of your governing document.

Published 16 September 2013 Last updated 4 November 2014 — TOPWEAR Vests Au Jour Le Jour Discount Pay With Visa Outlet Locations Sale Online 7b39Gub

About charitable purposes

Your charity’s ‘purpose’ is what it is set up to achieve. A charitable purpose is one that:

Your charity’s purposes are important for:

Your charity’s purposes should make it clear:

For example:

For the public benefit, the relief and assistance of people in need (what) in any part of the world (where) who are the victims of war or natural disaster or catastrophe (who) by supplying them with medical aid (how).

When writing your charity’s purposes, you need to:

State what outcomes your charity is set up to achieve, such as “the relief of poverty”. These must all be charitable.

Each of your charity’s purposes must fall within one or more of 13 descriptions of purposes listed in the Charities Act. These are broad headings under which all charitable purposes must fall.

You can use the wording of one or more of these descriptions to say what outcomes your charity is set up to achieve, such as “the prevention or relief of poverty for the public benefit”. But the wording of the descriptions alone may not make it clear what your charity’s purpose is. This is because several purposes can fall within each description.

You may need to provide more detail about who will benefit and how and where benefits extend to.

When writing your charity’s purpose, explain what it is set up to achieve using standard terms where possible:

Use the words “For the public benefit, …” or “…for the public benefit” to confirm that a purpose is intended to be charitable. For example:

The relief of unemployment for the public benefit in [x place], including assistance to find employment

Your charity may have a mission statement which sets out its core values. You will only be able to use it as your charity’s stated purpose if it’s written sufficiently in line with this guidance.

Don’t include your charity’s motive or ethos in its purpose (‘in order to do good works’, for example) unless this means your purpose will be carried out in a specific way. For example, ‘in accordance with Christian principles’.

A grant-making charity can be set up with the sole purpose of ‘advancing general charitable purposes’ if the scope of its grant-making is across a range of charitable purposes. For example:

To advance such charitable purposes (according to the law of England and Wales) as the trustees see fit from time to time

In addition to having equipment and access ready to go, we make sure the employee’s workspace is clean and provide a welcome note and a starter pack of office supplies.

Smartsheet’s New Hire Provisioning Sheet.png

Smartsheet’s New Hire Provisioning Sheet

If you’re already familiar with our product, you know that Smartsheet can be used to organize and coordinate all types of work. And, like all companies that believe in their product enough to put it to the test day-in and day-out, we use Smartsheet to keep track of each step of the onboarding process. Here are just a few templates that you can use to streamline your onboarding process just like we do here at Smartsheet:


Master Onboarding Checklist.png



The opening act

New Smartsheet hires usually start on a Monday so they can dive into a regular working schedule from the outset. Since their first day mirrors the agenda emailed to them a week prior, they typically come prepared and excited to get started.

The initial HR onboarding process takes about two hours. It might sound like a long time, but it’s actually an efficient use of the employee’s first morning on the job. They receive all of their first-day paperwork in printed form. Some say this comes as a surprise from the likes of Smartsheet, in which the digital workspace affords maximum freedom and control over all sorts of tasks. But there’s a reason we use hard copies for the first day. Having a tactile experience boosts memory retention of key facts during a time in which the new hire has a lot of external stimuli, not to mention some first-day jitters.

New employee orientation involves eight sessions with leadership over their first month or so. This way, knowledge is distributed at a manageable pace, all while the employee is in the middle of executing projects with their teams. Each hire’s new employee orientation (or NEO) is made up of a cohort of other hires who began at the same time. This fosters lasting cross-functional bonds among the new hire group.

We also provide what we call Smartsheet Boot Camp — a workspace provided right out of the gate. Boot Camp is a huge resource employees can utilize at their own pace. It sets them up to be dangerously knowledgeable about our product and ready to handle any challenges that come their way. Employees are introduced to Boot Camp on day one, which primes them to dive in as they acclimate to their new roles at Smartsheet.

Share your vision

In many ways, the onboarding experience at Smartsheet mirrors the product itself. We foster a sense of transparency and accountability. And most of all, we get out of the way and let people do great work in their own way.

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