We offer the following professional services


$97 – Personal phone/Skype coaching-

This is done via Skype or phone with online screen share (if available to you) .  Basically we pilot the process of helping you to  organizing your thoughts into an articulate monologue with natural flow and ease.  This takes about 2 hours (You will impress yourself) 


$47 Speech writing -

Not sure what to say?  We’ve got that covered. Consider us your professional speech writing team delivering articulate, well thought out, and profound eloquence just like the President has;  except your not the President and this in not your inauguration.  You’ll still feel very presidential though!


$47 Speech rehearsing-

Wouldn’t it be cool if you just stood up there and talked.  No notes, note cards, or paper.  YOU CAN!  It’s actually easy if you know what the pro’s know about how to easily organize the words in your head.  (Even if you have notes, not depending on them makes your speech much more profound.)