Best Man Speech Ideas and Tips

Welcome to, the resource page for those who have been given the honor of being the best man at the wedding of a close friend or relative. It’s no small thing to present the best man speech and speak on the groom’s behalf to the people he cares about. On a day such as his wedding, every word counts. To help you prepare, here are some answers to common questions about the speech:

How do I make my best man speech funny? Humor in a best man speech is much easier than most people realize. A best man speech is intended to make the audience smile, chuckle, and laugh a little, but no one expects you to deliver a stand-up comedy show. The best way to pull off a funny best man speech and make the audience laugh is by sharing comical stories. A comical story is an easy way to pull humor off for the person who isn’t known for jokes and wisecracks. There is a section in the Ultimate Best Man Speech eBook that is dedicated to this aspect of a solid best man speech.

How do I know what humor is appropriate in the best man speech? Many best man speeches have been spoiled by poor judgment in the humor area. Keep this in mind: there will likely be children present, and people of all ages of adulthood listening to the best man speech. You want them all to enjoy and relate to your humor. Poking some fun at the groom is expected in typical best man speeches, but it may be best to avoid poking fun at the bride. Never mention ex-girlfriends in the best man speech, and don’t insult anybody, even if they are not a guest at the wedding reception.

What about inside jokes in the best man speech? Inside jokes will often get you into trouble in the best man speech because many people in the audience won’t understand the joke. They’ll often get bored as you deliver the speech because they don’t relate to the story that is leading to the punch line.

What could go wrong in the best man speech? As the best man you should be aware of many possible mishaps that could happen in the best man speech. The most common blunder is an audience disturbance from patrons who are socially engaged and don’t recognize the need to be quiet and respectful during the best man speech. A proper introduction of the best man by the DJ or other master of ceremonies is the best way to avoid this mishap. If no one seems to be the right fit as a ceremonies master, then the perfect person for the job is you. Any other wedding toasts or remarks that are to be made by the groom, bride, and bridesmaid can be made before the best man speech, and then you can end the speaking portion of the meeting with your speech.

How long should my best man speech be? 4-6 minutes is an excellent guideline for a best man speech. 3 minutes can be perfect for a short best man speech. If you are particularly charming, then you could go 7 minutes and still keep the audience engaged. More than 7 minutes is not usually recommended.

What toast should I use in the best man speech? Try to avoid something cliché or over-used in the best man speech. Don’t use humor in this part of the speech, as this is a moment for solemn respect and honor to the groom and bride. For a list of perfect toasts for best man speeches that are rarely, if ever used, you can find them in our eBook, The Ultimate Best Man Speech.

Should I tell a story in the best man speech? You should definitely tell a story in the best man speech. A story makes delivering the speech much easier, and the audience will be more apt to listen and remember what you shared. Stories also make for easier openers that grab the audience’s attention.